drtoddstevenson  Apr.02.2017 0 Comments
New Office Building

We moved our office April 1st, 2017. Many people have been asking why? Especially since we had such a great location next door to SoDo for the last 7 years.
The easiest answer is that we have outgrown our space! We now have two massage rooms, so that Anita and Kim can have their own space and more availability....
Also, Dr. Stevenson's treatment rooms are larger... and we finally have some windows :-)

Our new office is right next door to our Hill St. location, and our current address is 241 Ridge St. Our windows face the Great Basin Food Co-Op's parking lot (please don't park there) and out to Flint Street with views of Lake Mansion, Salon Lux, and Pignic.
The entrance is on from the NE side of the building, and parking remains the same for now, on Ridge St or Flint St.

Give Karley a call with if you have any more questions! It is a lot of work to get our address changed online, so please bear with us as we work through the changes.
We are very excited for everyone to see our new place!