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We are planning to update our blog more these days so here are some office updates...

As a reminder, our new office is 3735 Lakeside Dr., Ste. A. We have lots of parking and are still close to the downtown area, just a little further south. We are still working on updates to the space, including our new treatment table that will allow for more rooms for the doctors. Please try to not park directly in front of Pinecone Pediatrics to allow for parents to have easier time getting their kiddos to their doctors.

Dr. Amy Erger will be having knee surgery 3/18/21, and we are planning for her to not be seeing patients for a minimum or 2 weeks. Dr. Stevenson will be filling in for her patients for now, but we will be limiting new patient appointments until she is back at work.

If you have called recently and not heard Karley answer the phone... you likely spoke with our newest employee, Abby. She is Dr. Stevenson's cousin and is a freshman at UNR, working toward a pre-med degree.

Finally.... please follow the policy and state mandate of masks worn at all times when in the office, and please arrive as close to your scheduled treatment time as possible to allow for room cleaning and social distancing.